~~~ General Information ~~~

><<>> Trophy Care

·         Do not cut fish in any way. Take a photo of your fish as soon as possible. Measure fish from tip of tail to end of lower jaw. Take a girth measurement around the widest point if opting for a replica and quickly release your fish. If you choose a skin mount, wrap your trophy first in thin plastic then in a soaking wet towel (no newspaper). Place in a plastic bag and freeze. If freezer is unavailable, pack in ice. It is important to keep your fish wet and as cold as possible until freezing. 

·         If you are going to fish remote areas without access to freezers or ice, we suggest giving us a call BEFORE your trip to discuss methods of preservation. 

·         REPLICAS - For those who choose to release their catch we offer state of the art graphite and fiberglass replicas. These are available for freshwater, saltwater and many exotic gamefish. All that is required is your length & girth measurement. A photo showing colors and markings is very helpful but not necessary.  

><<>> Price and Quality

·         Fish Taxidermy is a very demanding Art form due to the many variations in species and each with differing characteristics such as oils, thin skins and very delicate scales, etc. The skin must first be removed from the body and cleaned of all it’s flesh and oils. The processed skin must then be rebuilt to it’s original shape and size using a variety of methods and techniques. Artistic expression is limited to the proper anatomy and color patterns of the species.

·         The price of any mount is directly related to the amount of attention given and the ability and experience of the Taxidermist performing the tasks.

·         Please call Douglas Taxidermy to discuss your needs and for current prices.

 ><<>> Location and Business Hours  ><<>> Please call before stopping in!

  2S432 Cedar Court
Elburn, IL, 60119
630 557-0158

Mon-Fri      8am – 5pm
Sat             9am – 1pm
*Special hours by appointment only.

Preserving the “Special Memories” of a lifetime… 

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